“We want to grow this business, people first, can you help us design an annual programme?”

Design of a bespoke development programme for the agency with a focus on growing the people, the agency & client relationships, new & organic. Includes: Four times a year I take the leaders of this hot London-based agency away for a day of proper thinking, we explore how the business & team are developing and look at the routes forward, we are constantly calibrating against our vision.  We make sure that we create an atmosphere of accountability & openness, where people can discuss clear collective & personal goals.

A shared mantra, clear direction, straightforward goals & accountability as a team. We apply new processes, structures & identify behaviours that will help the people andbusiness to flourish. The leadership program has now been extended to include every person in the agency.

Business Application
Agency People Development, Leadership Training, Succession Planning, Idea generation, Facilitation, Pitch development

Developing a leadership program for a disperate team of a fast growing agency is a big ask. You need sensitivity, empathy, creativity and focus in equal measures. Deb helped us develop a valuable and important management program designed to stretch and excite our management team. As a direct result of Deb’s involvement we have continued to grow the business and implement appropriate training as well as setting clear goals for each manager in the business

Steven Hess
CEO, Weapon7

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