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Shake up the world’s oldest English speaking magazine and make it an online force to be reckoned with.

The Spectator’s assets are extraordinary: amazing content, uniquely influential readers, outstanding location. The question was how to exploit them online & raise the profile of the brand with new readers. As creative adviser to the editor, I provided strategic direction. Results included the (award-winning) Coffee House blog & a series of Spectator-backed events with digital gurus. These gave the magazine more readers, a higher profile for its editor and, most importantly, the confidence to punch its weight as we reconsider how we consume our media.

Business Specification
Identity shift, Idea generation, Strategic thinking/direction, 1:1 Mentoring

Deb was central to my digital strategy when I was editor of The Spectator. The challenge was how to take a magazine that had been around since the 18th Century and give it a powerful online identity. She grasped the nature of the task swiftly, and addressed it in an inspiring way. Her greatest talent is to identify what, precisely, an organisation is, does, believes in and stands for, and to help it express all that in new and exciting ways. Thus, she makes creative excellence the engine of growth. She is a superb listener which made staff feel comfortable talking to her about the magazine’s most fundamental values. At the same time, she injects enthusiasm, intellect and energy into all she does. She played a significant part in making The Spectator one of the most respected digital brands in the media world, a must-read in Westminster and beyond. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone who wants to thrive in our dramatically changing world.

Matthew d’Ancona, Sunday Telegraph, Evening Standard and GQ columnist, author, and BSME Editor of the Year 2007.

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