RHM (Architects)


Turn a technical & creative process into an irresistible human story.


We held a workshop to examine the principles of storytelling: what are we saying & how are we saying it? This led to a flow of ideas and approaches for a RIBA competition to design a low-cost housing scheme in Norfolk. RHM’s passion and authenticity won the hearts & minds of the judges & they won the commission to create 52 houses.

Business Application

Presentation Training, Pitch development

Deborah is fantastic. I’m afraid she had to suffer both of our last pitches – but after her input we just flew, winning really important work from both of them. She is practically our fourth partner now. In spite of all our training (7 years at architecture school) I realise now we were taught nothing about presenting. Deborah helped us to communicate successfully, but she is about much more than communication skills. She goes straight to the heart of what we are trying to say, what are our best ideas & feels her way into the audience. She works us hard but she’s great fun & our business is booming thanks to her.

RHM Architects

RHM (Architects) RHM (Architects)