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Help us to extend our idea generation methods


Working with this very successful creative department, we explored where ideas can come from. How do we extend our ways of approaching problems? Can we move from behind our screens, considering fresh, new ways of seeing the world? Leading a series of 4 day workshops, we applied new idea generation techniques to real briefs, generating fresh new responses


Selling in Creative work, Idea generation

We asked Deb to spend some time with us working out how to make collaboration between all our departments as productive as possible.  She was amazing.  Deb has a unique ability to galvanise any group (including us hardened cynical creative types) into action.  Her sessions were energetic, rewarding & inspiring.  She knows her stuff. And your stuff too which is why she can add so much value to your business.
I think she’s brilliant. I’m sure you will too

Seb Royce, Executive Creative Director glue Isobar

Deb khan is a veritable tour-de-force when it comes to training, coaching, inspiration sessions & pretty much anything you care to throw at her regarding ‘people’ and development. Her approach is truly creative & a complete breath of fresh air. Not only does she inherently ‘get’ creative people but her approach never fails to get everyone enthused & enraptured by her absorbing & effective approach & process. Highly recommended!

Jo Hagger Chief Integration Officer  glue Isobar

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