Help the Digital Agency of the decade become a people centred organisation


Over four years: Ongoing relationship providing regular design & delivery across the agency including: Leadership & Management Programme, Departmental Training, Creative Training, Client Education event design, Senior Management Coaching, Bespoke training related to appraisals, redesign of appraisal programme, Organisational Development.

Business Application

Leadership Training, Facilitation, Idea generation, Selling in Creative work, Client Education, Department process, vision and structure, 1:1Mentoring, strategic thinking/direction

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Deb has worked with Dare for a number of years. She has helped to develop our talent programme & has then been a part of delivering this internally. She is passionate about learning & creative businesses & this combined with her energy & empathy makes her a perfect partner for us. She has developed relationships with many of the individuals she has worked with & continues to help & mentor them informally. She has challenged us to reappraise what being a people centric business means & has then helped us get there.

Lee Leggett
CEO, Dare

Workshops can be horrible things. Dull, pointless, devastatingly embarrassing. I hate sitting through crap workshops & therefore it is my life’s mission never to run a pants workshop myself. So whenever I do, Debs is the first person I call. She can turn loosely-formed ideas into creative, productive brilliance. Deb’s is an inspiration, not because she is espousing theoretical nonsense, but because she has been there & found out how to make workshops work herself.  My clients loved it. So will you.

Nick Emmel
Executive Planning Director Dare

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