Creative Leadership Course for Fast Track Head Teachers


Prepare over 500 new & aspiring head teachers to be effective leaders in extremely challenging circumstances.


Today’s head teachers need to be creative, agile and entrepreneurial, which probably isn’t what they learned at university. They need to tap into the potential of everyone they lead. However, they can acquire these unfamiliar skills as long as they start with a solid foundation of rigorous, logical thinking. I used a range of techniques to inspire them, including drawing, visioning, using metaphor, composition, mind-mapping, lateral thinking, questioning, discussion, problem solving, analysis and applied these to a real challenge. The course ran for four years, during which time I trained more than 500 teachers in groups of 30. The feedback was over 98% excellent or very good.

Business Application

Strategic direction, Creative thinking skills, leadership Training

I regularly receive course outlines from trainers who promise to change the world for you. Deborah Khan makes no such claim. Instead, her Creative Leadership course offers fast-moving training which develops your understanding of what it is to be a good leader and how to apply this practically in the workplace. The course is in no way pretentious and, refreshingly, neither is Deborah – her approach is friendly and direct, qualities which are reflected in the positive, progressive nature of the course. I would strongly recommend to current and potential leaders alike.

Mark Noblet
Fast Track Teacher