Cancer Research UK

Over 3 years: Get managers of the UKs biggest charity to think more creatively & expansively in delivering regional events & form deeper relationships with Corporate Partners

I led a series of two-day workshops to help managers identify what Cancer Research was doing well & helped them to re-imagine their approach to delivering this brand in their region. They discovered new ways to convey all the wonderful things it stood for & solve many long-standing problems. Senior Mangers explored how they lead internally, developing more entrepreneurial leadership behaviours.

Corporate Partnerships team required support with extending their relationships, networking effectively & communicating  the potential of an allegiance with this phenomenally successful organization.

Business Application
Building deep partnerships, Networking, Influencing, Leadership Training, Presentation Skills, Idea generation, Creative thinking

I’ve worked with Deb now for more than five years. She has made an enormous difference to our business at Cancer Research UK. Whenever I go to Deb with a challenge around team performance or a desire to enhance or learn new skills, Deb has always had a unique approach supporting me and the teams creatively, flexibly and engagingly from start to finish.  With Deb, you may never be sure of the journey she’ll take you on – but you can trust that the destination is exactly where you’ll want to be.
Claire Rowney Head of Corporate Partnerships

I’d recommend using Deb to anyone who’s heart sinks at the thought of another day spent in training. Honest, uncompromising & not afraid to say what she thinks of whatever you’ve been told before, Deb consistently gets great feedback from the team and has had a lasting and beneficial impact on the people she’s worked with here at Cancer Research UK.

John Tasker Head of National Events, CRUK

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