Things I've Done I

Dragged the worlds oldest English speaking magazine kicking & screaming into the 21st Century

Helped the Digital Agency of the decade be even more brilliant

Made the most successful charity in the UK rethink how they deliver a multimillion pound product even more successfully & to liaise more effectively with corporate partners

Designed a leadership programme for a superb Creative Agency

Lead quarterly away days for managers of a creative company helping them to think how they can grow their company

Helped management teams be motivated and happy

Help a company make their workplace more people centric and enjoyable

Worked the digital agency of the year to generate and sell in original, effective ideas

Helped a PR company win a pitch for the UK’s biggest retailer

Help the UK’s best fashion retailer present effectively & enthusiastically

Collaborate with architects to create an win an international RIBA pitch

Helped a PR company to network authentically & effectively

Help a small charity win one of the biggest competitions in their sector

Help an agency rethink how they generate and execute ideas

Help a luxury car company to integrate their community of agencies to help everyone work easier, quicker, more simply

Trained over 500 aspiring Head teachers to think more creatively as leaders

Help a Local Authority to raise the quality of the communication of their Head teachers- the people who communicate to the widest range of audiences

Helped an agency to consider how they integrate the best of Eastern Technology with Western Creativity

Helped to lead a series of leadership succession planning conferences for the UK’s largest educator of children

Helped a web based company re brand itself

Helped boost morale post redundancies in an organisation

Help build a New Business strategy for a design company

Advise the worlds biggest network of schools to communicate and capitalise on their existing talent to be more effective, more creative

Help a fantastic TV company think of how they present to Media companies

Help a small charity to consider how they tell their story

Helped a hospital think how they communicate their 5 year strategy to their colleagues

Helped to re think culture post a merger

Encouraged a new management team to behave like a start up

Encouraged a department to rethink their strategy

Build a business, on my own based on what I love & do well that allows me to spend lots of time with my children