Good timing Channel 4

MAKE ME A TORY – Channel 4 at 08:25am  on Sunday 13th May 2007

A clunkingly obvious transition from the previous post but let’s tackle the big question. Where do we go from here? Cosying up to Mr Cameron I fear…

Try and Sky + this irresistibly titled documentary. Here’s the billing:

For Daniel Cormack, the thought of nailing his colours to the Tory mast is
nothing short of horrific. But can this disillusioned Labour voter do the
unthinkable and turn Tory?

From swilling port with the pampered Hooray
Henrys of the Oxford University Conservatives, to picking up litter in a muddy
field with the gung-ho teenage Tories of the Wirral, to a one-on-one chat with
David Cameron himself, Daniel travels the country to find out exactly what it is
that modern Conservatives believe and how they see the future of this

Sharp and entertaining, MAKE ME A TORY is an accessible and
genuinely revealing look at the political movers and shakers who form the future
of the Conservative party…and one man’s journey through their world.

Declaration of interest here.  Many years ago I taught Daniel his A level that got him swigging at Oxford in the first place. I also directed him as Christopher Ishwerwood in a production of CABARET  that I remain proud of to this day. (see below).

It’s his first independent commission. He is using every ounce of energy and creativity to carve a career in that notoriously hostile and competitive environment – film production/direction.

Dan secured funding from Lord Puttnam and Nick Jones amongst others for his previous short AMELIA AND MICHAEL.  And nabbed Buffy’s Anthony Head as a lead to boot  Check out the one of favourable reviews here. Even managed to snare a positive review form the notoriously picky Hotdog.  Despite my harsh criticism. Sorry Dan but ‘twas ever thus in the past.

I know Dan’s star is on the ascendancy. Then I am a tad biased

BTW- CABARET’S  MC was Dominic Cooper who some of you may know from the original production and film of Alan Bennett’s THE HISTORY BOYS. Another lead was Sam Spruell. Catch Sam in the extraordinarily visceral LONDON TO BRIGHTON. My film of 2006. I was lucky. CABARET had a cracking cast


10th May, 2007