The art of football

Tenuous, as
ever, link to the previous post. Just a nice story to hopefully shatter lots of

I am often
asked about how and why I worked in Opera. I always tell them because I was asked.
More pertinently, by someone who I immediately recognised as a deeply
considered, hilarious, supportive, thoughtful, truly creative bloke called
Paul. With slight Jarvis Cocker aspirations to boot.

I hope this
story challenges one of the many thorns in my side.That is  how certain "creative"€ types are often perceived as taking the
moral high ground. As being unapproachable. About serving the needs of their
art above all else. About suffering from a sense of humour failure.Those myths are bowel shatteringly inaccurate.

Paul Reeve,
Director of Education at The Royal Opera House, sent me this story in response
to my Fame At Last post about
Interesting 2007
, where I am speaking.

The story
is just too good to keep to myself.

I’ve played the City of Varietiestoo!  Simon may appreciate the story of when I was due
to do a Saturday matinee there.  Another actor with a football passion and
myself realised that the House was going to be woefully thin.  We’d got
wind the previous evening that, unless business picked up on the door, the
show might get cancelled.  Since
Leeds were
playing at home that same afternoon, we were rooting for the
cancellation.  We carefully picked up any production flyers we saw on our
travels round the city and disposed of them, lest someone should pick one up
and feel the urge to book for the matinee.  We did debate
hanging round the box office and telling people the show was crap, but felt
that might be rather disloyal.  Despite the fact that we were in
the opening scene, we didn’t don any make-up or costume, ordered a
cab to wait at Stage Door and prayed.  The announcement that we were
cancelled came at 2.25 (5 minutes before curtain up); we were in
Elland Road by 2.45.

22nd May, 2007