No Seth no…

Love him. Read him daily. Try and animate what he says regularly. Yet let’s just look at a few flaws in this great post from Seth Godin

  • Most of us do struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff on the spewing shelves of the business section
  • Lots of people do read. That does not imply they have learned anything. How do we know what has been absorbed? Or will be acted upon?
  • At least two thirds of us need more than words to change our behaviours, skills, values, thinking…
  • These people struggle with books as the sole source of their development. They need to experience, see, question and explore concepts.

Of course I would say that cos that’s what I do. The practical bit. And I read avidly. And buy Seth’s books. And subscribe to the view that we all need to rejuvenate, keep up to date with, understand and embrace what is happening in our area.

I have written a 96 Page pack for one of my courses. It took me forever. The participants are academics. I have yet to meet one of over 200 people who did  the course who has read it all.

3rd May, 2007