Just one thought

Okay. Let’s
just say admit he always nails it. This inspirational, succinct post about posting by Seth
Godin, delivered with aplomb, reminds me to state the obvious. As ever.

I always
reference/recommend blogs in my workshops. Did today. They have rejuvenated my
reading. They are accessible, pacy and akin to emails in convenience. They have
sign-posted outstanding resources and developed ideas exponentially. Far, far quicker
then previous methods of communication of ideas.

They are
fun, addictive, enthusiastic and interesting. I have learned loads. And met
some great creative people offline.

Still many
of my clients continue to dismiss them as insular nonsense, appealing to a
narrow demographic. Are we bothered?

All I can
add to Seth is that if I, as a working mother of two small children with a pretty
full-on social life, can manage to post (occasionally), anyone can.

question. Abstract. If no-one reads your blog, how are you defining audience
and shaping your thoughts? A bit John Berger, I know, but if art needs an audience,
do blogs require a reader?

It is still about people. The feedback and interaction will always encouarge us to make just that one post.

21st June, 2007