Interesting 2007

Honoured to speak at the brilliant Interesting 2007, an event was organised by King of the Plannersphere, Russell Davies.

Russell epitomises a creative leader. Warm, curious, enthusiastic and smart, any event organised by him was bound to be worth attending. I love the rationale of defining what he found interesting to be the sole content of an eclectic, informal, Saturday- in -the -city style event.

Still buzzing with the quality, diversity and creativity of the speakers. We were still gripped after 7 hours. The media is already streaming in, (inevitably given the number of bloggers, twitterers, Flickrs blah blah in the audience) capturing the essence of the event far, far better then words ever could. A few scary shots of me perched on the edge of the stage but do have a look- the detail, fun and creativity of the event just glows.

My highlights?

Yorkshire biscuits. Grant as a fantastically compelling rambler.  Beeker’s Ibsen riff,  Ann as the embodiment of niceness, the tsunami of support for Russell, Matt’s Pacino impersonation (worryingly good), Richard’s humour and honesty as a TV producer, bunting, We are what we do, Scritti Politti- hooray-, (more Glen Campbell, please) FunkyPancake, Northern Planner’s brilliant swimming metaphor, Tom’s knots, everyone smiling  and tripping over themselves to help, the lack of English diffidence, cute technical support, the directive to not complain…

Unfair as it is missing out so, so much.

Offline stuff that starts to capture and share the highlights that exist online. Properly.Congratulations Russell. I hope you are very proud.

17th June, 2007