Go on, have a sing. You know you want to.

Collective expression has to be good thing.

You have to
applaud the sprit and sheer chutzpah of Sing London. Not entirely sure whose
baby this is as it appears to be a cross organisation special. Whatever, whoever
dreamed these up should take a bow. 10 days of events right across the city,
all with the objective of getting as many people singing as possible.

It cannot fail to be mad, fun and uplifting. What’s not to
like? All ends in an en mass sing-athon at the fantastically rejuvenated Southank Centre on July 8th.

The thought of strangers joining together lifts the soul.
Singing is exposing, a bit scary I know but we rarely have an opportunity to participate in
such a blatantly sensual activity en mass anymore. Got to be positive for our
collective psyche. Non-judgmental, honest belting out. Miles away from the
frighteningly watchable, addictive but often nakedly ambitious world of search for a star
type Saturday night TV shows. These shows have definitely raised the profile of
singing. Occasionally the accompanying steely gleam of fame and desperation
can obscure the tone and beauty of the
voice.  What lingers are Simon Cowell’s brutally honest, witty put downs…

will be bothered here as everyone will be far to pre-occupied with how they
sound themselves. Enjoying and participating in a memorable spectacle.

Check the site out for an event near you. I think it will be
impossible to resist the chorus of the Royal Opera holding your hand through
Puccini’s Tosca at CanaryWharf
on July 3rd. Afterwards  one
of ROH’s glorious live relays direct from the house. If you haven’t managed to
catch these, go, go, go, go (Joseph).

We are lucky enough to enjoy a screen opposite our house in
Victoria Park. Just one way ROH are engaging  with a national
audience. Also demystifying and animating an oft perceived exclusive and
distinctly elitist art form.

I managed to blag Opera directing without being able to sing. The lovely composers and librettists I had the fortune to work with encouraged everyone to sing with such skill, I don’t think anyone ever regretted having a go. People always smile.


26th June, 2007