A threefer

Anyone who has stumbled across this blog will surely be familiar
with stunningly well designed Presentation Zen. Garr was one of the first people
to encourage me with my blog. His comments were very well appreciated and
validate this post. I would utterly endorse his description as a mensch.
Yiddish for good bloke, apparently.

Three blogging superstars in one hit feels good value indeed.Tags and references to Seth and Dan by Garr has to be a one stop shop for anyone wanting to know what exemplar blogs look like.

I was intrigued
at how Dan Pink communicates in front of an audience. Like Garr,  Dan Pink’s
A whole New Mind
was my book of the year. I’m almost worryingly evangelical
about it.

Always fascinating if those who write well can cut it as a speaker and
a presenter. They are two distinct states of consciousness. They use both different
skills and cognitive processes 

Hence my advice to clients-
never read from your own writing as a presenter. We do not speak as we write. Laurence Olivier was one of the few peole who could animate a piece of text. Most of us can’t.

Dan sounds like he has the rare ability to emotionally engage in both mediums.

Threefer- the price of one by the way.

24th May, 2007