The first in a series of postings elaborating on those six key themes from “Why do we listen” Every group, every time. This is the first reaon why people connect.  Tried it with kids, fashion designers, media planners, Head teachers, lawyers et al. I never cease to be amazed. It is always the first theme [...]

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Go on, have a sing. You know you want to.

Collective expression has to be good thing. You have to applaud the sprit and sheer chutzpah of Sing London. Not entirely sure whose baby this is as it appears to be a cross organisation special. Whatever, whoever dreamed these up should take a bow. 10 days of events right across the city, all with the [...]

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Just one thought

Okay. Let’s just say admit he always nails it. This inspirational, succinct post about posting by Seth Godin, delivered with aplomb, reminds me to state the obvious. As ever. I always reference/recommend blogs in my workshops. Did today. They have rejuvenated my reading. They are accessible, pacy and akin to emails in convenience. They have [...]

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Why do we listen?(or six key themes)

Or more pertinently, why do we remember. The title of my gig at Interesting 2007 was presumptuous. My intention was to not be prescriptive but to share a bit of what I have learned working as a director, corporate workshop leader and coach. I wanted to model how I like to work- facilitating experiential learning. [...]

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Interesting 2007

Honoured to speak at the brilliant Interesting 2007, an event was organised by King of the Plannersphere, Russell Davies. Russell epitomises a creative leader. Warm, curious, enthusiastic and smart, any event organised by him was bound to be worth attending. I love the rationale of defining what he found interesting to be the sole content [...]

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Those really nice people at Innocent really are nice

“People have said some very nice things about us” I bet they have. So here’s a bit more. I’m sure will be lost in the waves of quirky, warm comments that appear to hit those very nice people at Innocent on a daily basis. I remained cynical, particularly from such a spectacularly successful brand (they have [...]

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Always worth reading

Said it before  and I will say it again. He is always worth reading. Blatantly pimping a client but when they write as well as this it feels a pleasure. Read Matthew d’Ancona’s Reading Aloud post in the increasingly excellent Coffee House blog. It is my post of the week – I think I read [...]

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A threefer

Anyone who has stumbled across this blog will surely be familiar with stunningly well designed Presentation Zen. Garr was one of the first people to encourage me with my blog. His comments were very well appreciated and validate this post. I would utterly endorse his description as a mensch. Yiddish for good bloke, apparently. Three [...]

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Creative leadership- define please, if you can.

Just discovered Darren Rowses’ excellent pro blogger. Useful and makes money. Respect, Darren. Thanks Mark. Again. Trying to nail the attitudes of creative people is tough and this great post was a catalyst to some thinking I have had on a very slow burn. Interesting to see how much my views connect with Darren. Just [...]

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The art of football

Tenuous, as ever, link to the previous post. Just a nice story to hopefully shatter lots of preconceptions. I am often asked about how and why I worked in Opera. I always tell them because I was asked. More pertinently, by someone who I immediately recognised as a deeply considered, hilarious, supportive, thoughtful, truly creative [...]

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Great news for the house (or art and money #1)

Congratulations to the well deserving team at The Royal Opera House. The £10 million endowment from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is however, more than good news. It indicates a potential sea-change in arts funding. State sponsorship of the arts has generated vulnerability in those whose livelihood depends on Arts Council grants. What’s the alternative? Be [...]

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The power of stuff or where do ideas come from #3

"Photos’re better than nothing, but things’re better than photos ‘cause the things themselves were part of what was there" David Mitchell, Black Swan Green. Suggesting clients source an object to prompt ideas is always a big ask. Asking anyone to bring along anything always overloads the task.  People agonise. What will this  say about me? [...]

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Where do ideas come from #2

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."Samuel Beckett ’nuff said. Encourage an atmosphere where it’s okay to fail. Fail yourself. Be prepared to always see the value in trying. Fear of failure kills the flow of ideas dead.

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Where do ideas come from #1

  Another day, another post about creativity. Except this one from Brandtarot has immediate application. Concise, provocative, useful and inviting contributions. All good. I loved lots and will plagiarise shamelessly. A lot of the work I do now is isolated and isolating. Very different to a lot of my work in the theatre where I [...]

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Good timing Channel 4

MAKE ME A TORY – Channel 4 at 08:25am  on Sunday 13th May 2007 A clunkingly obvious transition from the previous post but let’s tackle the big question. Where do we go from here? Cosying up to Mr Cameron I fear… Try and Sky + this irresistibly titled documentary. Here’s the billing: For Daniel Cormack, [...]

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Bye Blair, and thank you.

Big day today. Sad and yes, farewell to someone who has effectively been our spiritual leader  for 13 years. Whatever your feelings and how you will remember him is not to be judged. What I do know is that no other government in history have committed as much resources – yes, money – to the [...]

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No Seth no…

Love him. Read him daily. Try and animate what he says regularly. Yet let’s just look at a few flaws in this great post from Seth Godin Most of us do struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff on the spewing shelves of the business section Lots of people do read. That does not [...]

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A lovely day with AKQA

I’m a bit of a purist and as a Peter Brook fan, always subscribed to the concept of theatre as any time, any place, any where. The Empty Space is a lovely exposition on the processes of a great creative individual. I recommend. But I have to endorse and support Mark’s position on the value [...]

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21st Century coffee house

Thrilled Matthew d’Ancona is speaking at Interesting 2007. A big departure for him in many ways and I know he’s as over-excited as I am. Maybe we do need to get out more. He is a client – I hope he will not mind me saying – and an utter joy to work with. One [...]

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Fame at last

Hardly. But thrilled and honoured to be asked by Russell to speak at Interesting 2007. So will anyone bother to listen to me amongst such a stunningly diverse bill? As Mr. Davies knows, my worry is that it will be like a series of dodgy turns at Leeds City Varieties. Myself the dodgiest. Of course. [...]

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